Tuesday, January 04, 2005

We Follow The Rules, Really

The 109th congress convenes today, and as I mentioned in my last post there's a ton of stuff worth keeping an eye on, but before the Reps and Senators sit down to the first game of political rugby for the year, there are some other machinations to look out for.

Remember the Delay rule? It's gone, poof, vanished. Now, if The Exterminator is indicted for naughty campaign transgressions in Texas, he will have to give up his leadership position. The GOP is basically making it look like they are just doing what is right, you know, the way they always do what's right.

Ultimately this kills political ammo for the Democrats, but I think there's more, especially considering that Hefley of the House Ethics Panel, could be leaving soon.

It's almost as though Hastert and Delay have been worried about getting thrown into the briar patch all along. With Hastert looking to employ a new ethics guy, and the Delay rule getting thrown out, there is a lot of potential energy getting stored up. While this may all be coincidence, here are some things to think about.

-Hefley was a big factor in Delay getting all those reprimands from the Ethics Panel. Some say he's getting replaced due to rubbing a lot of the GOP leadership the wrong way, so replace him with a milquetoast, and you probably don't need the Delay rule anyway.

-Considering all the political and non political news floating around, and getting ready to float around, the GOP could have buried the Delay rule somewhere in the A14 neighborhood. So why get rid of something so useful if you can dodge the liability?

-The Delay rule wouldn't have been just for Delay, but Dems too could take advantage. This little tidbit alone makes me think there's something up someone's sleeve.

-Finally, if there really was a threat that Delay would get indicted, do you think they would repeal the rule? Either Delay knows he can dodge the bullet, or the Repubs have decided that Delay can take the bullet, and they'll get the rule changed later when it isn't so obvious they're just trying to cover their own.

So pay attention to this one. It will most likely just fade away, but if something big comes of this, here's my "told ya so," in advance.

Stay tuned, and keep on your toes.

Mr. M
Left of Center

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