Monday, January 03, 2005


Yo! Mr. M here from Left of Center! Before things geared down for the winter holiday period, your host Cernig and I decided to put together one of them thar coalition thingies that GeeDub likes so much. Over the past couple of weeks, Cernig has been kind enough to post his news briefs on my site, as well as a couple of invaluable nuggets, and now that I'm back from my misadventure from California, I'm able to return the favor.

Mind you I, like DC, am still not runnin' on full quite yet, but there's still some interesting things out there. Keep in mind that the new and not quite improved congress is about to kick back into action, and things may not turn out like you think.

According to a local tv news report, there's some dissent in the ranks, and party republicans may be splitting with the neocon movement, and their faithless leader, Bush. While repubs in congress are ready to get behind lawsuit reform, enthusiasm for Bush's SocSec plans and Tax reform isn't so great.

Your very own Cernig sniffed this one out too, pointing to even more issues that the republicans might find themselves fighting over. Heck, even crusty ol' Bob Novak is lamenting over the growing divide between movement conservatives, and sane conservatives.

Ultimately, what I think we are looking at here is something I alluded to a few weeks ago. With the dems on the ropes, we're seeing the identity of the Republican party sharpen intensely, and with that there's gonna be some infighting. As for the lefties out here, our biggest hope is that the party actually suffers an implosion prior to the next election, granting us an opening.

Whatever the case, The Idiot King is once again stepping ever so close to that title he was earning before 9/11, that of course being, "Lame Duck." With Quagmiraq potentially locked in an ugly stasis, attention is now being focused on everything else about this administration, and I think slowly more and more people are going to realize it stinks.

From his wildly idealogical and dangerous attempts at policy, and his shameless ability to try and politicize anything, things may not be looking so good for George II.

Well, that's that for now. Stay tuned, and keep on your toes.

Mr. M
Left of Center

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