Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Political Fib of the Day - More Fear On Tap per Newt...Again.

Just when you think he's gone, someone has to drag him out again:
Speaking at an award dinner billed as a tribute to crusaders for the First Amendment, Mr. Gingrich, who is considering a run for the White House in 2008, painted an ominous picture of the dangers facing America.
And we are facing dangers. Our al-qaeda recruitment drive in Iraq is running full-steam ahead and we're facing a generation of brand-new people that are going to hate us for a long, long time.

So the natural course of thinking amongst the GrOPers stays true to form, once again:
"This is a serious, long-term war," the former speaker said, according an audio excerpt of his remarks made available yesterday by his office. "Either before we lose a city or, if we are truly stupid, after we lose a city, we will adopt rules of engagement that use every technology we can find to break up their capacity to use the Internet, to break up their capacity to use free speech, and to go after people who want to kill us to stop them from recruiting people."
Once again, poppa Newt knows what's best for us, and it's restricting free speech. He's carefully wording it, of course, by saying he wants to restrict "their capacity to use free speech."

It always starts by restricting Those People. Our unreasonable fear of Those People. They're pretty good at feeding those fears, I've noticed.

The trouble is, I don't trust Newt to know when to stop restricting freedoms, so I fib:

Newt Makes Sense...
But Our Land's Freedom
Relies On Our Bravery, Too.

Earl E Hart III

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