Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Political Fib of the Day - Harris Wags The Dog?

Cruella DeHarris

Earl writes: I rarely try to predict elections, especially since the odd events occurring in 2000 and 2004, but everything I hear about Florida's Senate race this year seems to agree on ONE thing:

Train Wreck
Soon to Come
Katherine Harris
Won't Win Unless She Counts the Votes...

Earl E. Hart III, GnostiNews

The truly telling part of Earl's linked article is the bit about Harris planning to tour DC with a seeing-eye dog. As long as it doesn't have spots things should be alright.

Of course, Harris doesn't agree that her unpopularity is because she is clearly beyond the event horizon of sanity and accelerating at warp factor 9. No, she says it is because the GOP machine can't control her...

With that kind of ability to live in a reality of her own making, how long before Dubya gives her a cabinet post or atleast the job of making his fur coats?

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