Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Political Fib of the Day - End Times

Earl writes:

I'm not exactly a religious person (It actually takes some effort to be a lapsed Lutheran...) but I do know some things about a lot of different faiths in the world and see them basically as an extension of community. I've got more spirituality in me than any actual organized religion, which I see as too judgemental and too powerful over the course of history.

I've probably read the Bible more than a lot of people and it can be a guide to a good life, I think.

I've been hooked on Revelations since I was about 15 due to the language and imagery. Great fun in that book. And of course, when you get to Chapter 13, Verse 18, you read that the number of the beast is "six hundred sixty and six."

That's a great idea for a movie, at least.

Anyway...Just as I don't think Noah had time to travel to the Americas or Australia to pick up some of the more exotic animals that exist, I don't think that the future in held in the words of the Book of Revelations. Like everything in the Bible, it depends on your interpretation.

Sorry, fundies...

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Earl E. Hart III, GnostiNews

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