Thursday, June 08, 2006

Political Fib of the Day - Beheading The Hydra

No picture today - Blogger still hasn't restored that function. Pity, because I had a good one. Maybe I can add it later.

Earl sent in today's poetic Fib with a few lines:
It's all over the news today, so why not....

Since we are at war, finding and killing Zarqawi is a good thing. It couldn't have happened to a nicer guy, frankly.

I just happen to think that there will be too much celebration over the killing of One of the heads of al-Qaeda in Iraq when there are cells all over the world and the recruitment drive we're doing in Iraq is swelling al-Qaeda's ranks (and inspiring independent bombers a la Canada...) even as we're dancing on air over this one little victory...

Is Dead...
- Zarqawi
In War, That's Progress
But al-Qaeda Is A Hydra...

Earl E. Hart III, GnostiNews
I agree with Earl that cutting of this particular head will probably not even slow Al Qaida in Iraq for very long and will have no appreciable effect on the other heads of this pernicious creature. In fact, history shows that killing a commander is rarely a fatal wound but instead cuts out old wood and allows the growth of new and ever more resourceful brains.

To kill the beast, we have to starve it - remove it's support and it's ability to recruit. That's more likely to look like a "hearts and minds" aid and development operation with few peacekeeping troops in sight than it is the current Bush-driven war on terror.

On a more poignant note, I read today that a so-far unidentified mother and child were killed in the airstrike that killed Zarqawi. I don't think there's ever been a clearer case of "the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few" than those two collateral deaths - but I can hope that a few more of those dancing in triumph would have a moment for their unwilling but necessary sacrifice. If you are truly thankful for the monster's death, take a moment and show a bit of humanity and light a candle tonight for them.

Lastly, I would like to point out a development which has far more chance of bringing some stability and peace to Iraq than killing Zarqawi ever could. The Iraqi parliament, by large majorities, confirmed the Sunni General Abdul-Qadre Mohammed Jassim as defense minister, the Shia Jawad al-Bolani as Interior Minister and another Shia, Sherwan al-Waili as national security minister. Obviously, a Shia in charge of Interior leaves the door open for more of the same old death-squads as have helped push Iraq into chaos, but the very fact that the posts are filled gives hope that, this time, the Iraqi parliament might get it right.

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